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Green Metrics Tool

The Green Metrics Tool is a holistic framework to measure the energy / CO2 of your application.

Eco CI

Eco-CI calculates the energy consumption of your CI/CD environments, supporting GitHub and GitLab. It tracks the power usage of the runs for accurate energy management and budgeting. Key features include real-time measurements and data export, aiding in sustainable development practices"

Cloud Energy

Our Machine Learning model for energy measurement in the cloud, for both virtualized and bare metal environments. Based on SPECPower data, it enables precise inline measurements and energy budgeting.

Energy ID

Energy ID benchmarks open source software for energy, CO2, and Green Software Foundation's SCI metrics using the Green Metrics Tool. It offers a scorecard with descriptions, scenarios, measurements, and badges from the OpenEnergyBadge project, aiming to highlight the energy/carbon cost of typical software use cases.

Power Hog

Power Hog offers tools for monitoring computer energy consumption, focusing on process analysis, central data collection for optimization, and CO2 data submission.


CarbonDB streamlines energy and carbon data management for businesses, aiding compliance with European guidelines and promoting sustainability. It offers centralized data handling, real-time carbon conversion, and supports informed sustainability strategies.


The Open Energy Badge displays energy/CO2 costs for GitHub projects, covering test runs, API calls, and more, created by Green Metrics Tool.