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Green Kernel Plugin - We are funded by the Green Screen Coalition

Wir sind stolz und glücklich 🤩, bekannt zu geben, dass die Green Coding Solutions GmbH einer der diesjährigen Gewinner des Green Screen Catalyst Fund ist! Als eines von 15 Unternehmen, die aus über 350 Bewerbungen ausgewählt wurden!

Damit wird die Entwicklung eines unserer Tools zur Evaluierung des Energieverbrauchs im Linux-Kernel - und damit die Einsicht und Quantifizierung der Energiekosten von Software auf Prozessebene - ermöglicht und weiter unterstützt.

Vielen Dank an die Green Screen Coalition 🌱 (Ariadne, Ford Foundation, Internet Society Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, Green Web Foundation, Critical Infrastructure Lab und die Mercator Foundation) für die Finanzierung dieses bahnbrechenden Fonds 🙏.

dena study on Green Coding

We have been tasked by the dena (Deutsche Energie Agentur) to make a hopefully groundbreaking study on Green Coding als Standard in der Softwareentwicklung für eine stromsparende Gestaltung der Digitalisierung.

WSA Global Award

Our Green Metrics Tool has been awarded the WSA Global Awards in the category Environment & Green Energy. 🙏😍

Eco Compute 2024 - Press Release

Our Press Release for the EcoCompute 2024 conference journalists to share and publicize.

Eco Compute 2024: Program and ticket sales open

The final program for Eco Compute, 2024, the first tech conference on sustainability in hardware and software, is online.

Ticket sales are open until 24.04.2024. Get your ticket now to join our sensational speakers at talks, workshops and networking to bring the topic of digital sustainability to the forefront.

Mannheim Business School IIM Study Trip Guest Lecture

We are invited to give a guest lecture at the Mannheim Business School about Green Coding.

The Indian Institute of Management is visiting Mannheim Business School in January for a study trip to hear some lectures about sustainability and sustainabile management.

We are delighted to have been invited to give two talks in this period:

  • Sustainability in the digital world: European perspective
  • Understanding software carbon emissions and saving potentials for management

Us in the media

Dossier - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung

In the Süddeutsche Zeitung dossier entitled “Deep Dive: Initiative promotes focus on green coding” we are interviewed on our ambitons and goals with the Eco Compute 2024.

Datacenter-Insider Article - Ecocompute

“Ecocompute: The devil is in the details” is giving a detailed Re-Cap on our Eco-Compute conference in 2024. Worth a read

🇩🇪 The Eco-Compute conference 2024 from 25. – 26. April in Munich


We were interviewed at Grü about the content and concept of the Eco-Compute conference. Why is the approach with digital sustainability in hardware and software so unique and what are our goals for April.

🇩🇪 How sustainable online shop software can reduce the digital CO2 footprint


In the e-tailment feature, we talk about green coding, especially in online stores. Where leverage points are, but also new approaches to stand out from the competition with a sustainable and CO2-conscious store.

🇩🇪 What startups need to know about Green Coding


In this Gründerszene feature, we talk about green coding specifically for start-ups. What you should pay attention to when setting up an IT startup and wanting to avoid CO2 emissions with digital products.

Datacenter-Insider Article - Green coding means transformation to sustainability

“Green coding means transformation to sustainability“

We are very pleased to had the opportunity to contribute to the effort of Datacenter Insider to advance awareness about sustainability in software in this online article.


Development and evaluation of a reference measurement model for assessing the resource and energy efficiency of software products and components—Green Software Measurement Model (GSMM)

Future Generation Computer Systems

Veröffentlichung in Future Generation Computer Systems - Das Green Software Measurement Model integriert Ergebnisse von 12 Gruppen von Forschern und Praktikern. In unserem Teil beschreiben wir, wie professionelle Energie- und CO2-messungen mit modernen container-nativen Open-Source-Werkzeugen durchgeführt werden können.

Software Life Cycle Assessment in the wild

EnviroInfo Conference Proceedings 2023

Publication in the GI conference proceedings of EnviroInfo 2023 - Software Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) is gaining attention for its environmental impacts in production, deployment, usage, and disposal. Unlike LCA for physical products, SLCA is still evolving in software.

Transparency for software climate impact

Bits&Bäume Conference Proceedings 2023

Concepts Towards a Life Cycle Assessment of Software - We are sketching out how software emissions over it’s whole lifecycle can be attributed with current tools and methodologies including future challenges and issues.


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