Green Metrics Tool

The Green Metrics Tool is a free open-source (FOSS) tool we designed as a concept on how we believe it can support developers best to measure the energy / CO2 consumption of software architectures.

Our community version is open-source AGPLv3 Licensed. For different licensing option see the enterprise version below.

You can either install it locally or use our demo dashboard, where we also offer the possibilty to submit software for measuring (link below).

Please see all the details on Github and in the documentation.

Community Version / Enterprise Version

We believe in open source and that for advancing sustainable software the measurement tools must be freely accessible and falsifyable.

The community version gives you all the functionality for measurement and benchmarking with an free open source AGPL-v3 license.

However we also offer a hosted version as SaaS which includes some premium features and a support plan.

Comparison Table

Community version
free and open source
0 EUR / month
Fully featured local measurement
All Metric Providers included
AGPLv3 licensed
Install cluster on your own
Free SaaS tier for open source communities
Github Issues community support
Basic optimizations
Example & resource based

No setup support
No measurement support
Only public git repositories
Support & maintenance.
250 EUR / month
All Community Features
Hosted SaaS version
Serviced updates and maintenance
10.000 benchmarking minutes
Additional minutes can be purchased
120 days of data retention
Private git repositories
Advanced optimizations
Algorithmical & resource based
- Screenshots
Offset contolled cluster
Measurements guaranteed < 1% Std.Dev
Blauer Engel für Software
Report & Audit Dokument Download
High precision measurements
See details (NOP Linux)
Support the development
Custom to your needs
Individual pricing
Includes all Premium features
Unlimited measurements
Unlimited data rentention
Individual setup & support
Individual support contact
Development & Customization
Custom metric providers
Whitelabel & Dual-Licensing
Advanced Green Coding AI Optimizations (beta)
Code introspection & prediction

Single Run View

Comparison View

Hosted Version Features (SaaS)