Power Hog

The Power Hog offers a suite of tools designed to track your computer’s energy consumption. Currently the three primary objectives are:

  1. Allow the user to analyze which processes uses how much energy and how this relates to the system.
  2. Collect power usage data centrally to identify apps/ processes that could be optimized to save energy on a wider scale.
  3. Enable the user to submit the data to a carbon database so that energy usage can be accounted to a project. Coming in version 0.3

Currently we only support MacOSX through the powermetrics [1] tool! More work is needed for Linux or Windows support.

For running the hog on your system there are two main parts.

The background script that collects all the data and sends it to a server. This is called the power_logger. More information can be found here:


The app that gives you first insites on the data collected and more information on the hog on your system. Details can be found here:


Detailed analytics can be done in the Green Metrics Tool dashboard. You can either use our server or hosts you own.

A full readme and documentation can be found in the GitHub repo.



HOG Screenshot
HOG Screenshot
HOG Screenshot