Energy ID

In the Energy ID project we are looking at popular open source software and benchmark their Energy, CO2 and the Green Software Foundation’s SCI metric via our Green Metrics Tool

Energy ID creates a score card with a:

  • description
  • benchmarking- / usage-scenario
  • detailed measurement links
  • badges

The badges can be used in Github projects or similar and are based on our OpenEnergyBadge project.

The projects aim is to get a quick idea about the “typical use case of a software” and how much this would accrue in terms of energy / carbon cost.

If you want to further compare a project, monitor a project over time or even do optimizations and performance engineering do look into the capabilities of the Green Metrics Tool

Important: The absolute numbers shown here are not to be taken as ground truth of the actual carbon cost of the software in the wild. These are the cost that happen on our testing machines and also reflect the cost of the scenario chosen by us. A different use-case might incur a vastly different carbon cost.

For measurement on different machines, which are more similar to what you are running in your setup, visit our Cluster documentation and re-run the measurement on a machine more apt for your comparison.

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