Conference 01.10.2022

Bits & Bäume Conference Berlin

We have been invited to speak at the Bits & Bäume conference about our Green Metrics Tool and our plan to create a destination for users and developers to get answers about the energy consumption of software.

The Green Metrics Tool aims to be the “Codecheck” or “Yuka” of software with the goal to provide answers like:

  • How much does this software consume?
  • Is there a more carbon friendly alternative?
  • Is there a software that makes less network requests?
  • Energy efficiency of Wordpress vs. static site?
  • Is podman more effective than docker for building?
  • Is Flask better than FastAPI than Django for our workflow?
  • Does GraphQL consume less network, but instead use more CPU?
  • Is Telegram or Whatsapp more energy friendly for sending videos?

Official talk description

The Green Coding Metrics tool can measure the energy use of an arbitrary application. It does this by orchestrating the app in a containerized setup and measuring either the power directly or applying a linear model in order to derive the power metrics.\ We will demo measuring a typical web application and how engineers can use our tools to optimize their app in terms of energy use.

Our tool fills a current need to easily get energy metrics for a more complex setup of software.
Measuring the energy use of software is a first step in order to be aware and thus optimize the energy use of software.
Given the assumption that we are expecting more digitalization in all areas of the UN sustainable development goals we need to have an easy approach to factor the energy use in as a standard design goal of software.

The approach is innovative in a way as that it connects many existing technologies in an easy to use toolchain that is open source and can freely be used.
Integrating it in a development machine or a CI pipeline is readily possible through the use of standard formats like Dockerfiles and Selenium-Testfiles.

Update: Recording

The CCC provided a wonderful recording on the Bits & Bäume site

If this link ever becomes stale you can find the recorind also directly on

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