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Training your developers to write more carbon efficient software or just starting out with your team and setting first impulses to start a sustainable software journey. We have you covered with a wide selection of Workshops & Trainings wich are battle tested in SMEs and Enterprise size companies.

Measuring services in on-premise architectures or bare metal


This workshop is targeted to frontend or backend developers.

It focuses on methodologies available for bare-metal architectures or on-premise hosted solutions.

Goal is to containerize a company service in a reproducible container setup and measure its carbon consumption for its application case (Standard Usage Scenario).

The created model can then be used to iterate on the companies services and drive the CO2 consumption down through carbon targeted optimizations.


  • Identifying and query different metric sources in the linux subsystem/ CPU
  • Using the Green Metrics Tool ( and show its potentials to orchestrate a defined architecture and loading it with a standard usage scenario that reflects a company use case
  • Factoring in the user view of the application by creating a client side representation through a containerized browser.
  • Crafting a dedicated energy metrics reporter with techniques to reduce measurement overheali> After laying out the foundation different tools are presented that may fit better to the company architecture and their design principles are outlined.

  • In a group fashion we will then select the best tool for the job or do a rewrite and scale it to the needed size and integrate it into a live company development process.
Measuring with Green Metrics Tool

Measuring in the cloud


This workshop is targeted to cloud engineers or dev teams that use cloud products on a simple customer basis.

Cloud environments pose different problems for measuring energy as most of the on-premise solutions are restricted due to security concerns.

This workshop will give a detailed overview of the work by other heads in the industry on tackling the landscape of scarce energy data in the cloud and the solutions implemented.

Goal is to create inline measurements tools that measure parts of the companies cloud infrastructure compute cost and report their CO2 equivalent.


  • Understanding restrictions in the cloud and where they originate from (SGX bugs etc.)
  • Finding out what is available on the architectures used by the company
  • EC2 bare metal registers
  • Heroku Buildpacks
  • APIs / Logs from services
  • Developing out a simple OS level metrics reporter to get CPU utilization rates reported on the required interval
  • Replicating the model from Teads Engineering
  • Replicating the model used by CloudCarbon Footprint
  • Replicating the model from the SDIA
  • Implementing an advanced model based on SPECPower and an XGBoost Model
  • Draft approaches based on research data for Log-Based services or services where only machine specs are known
Measuring in the Cloud

Green Web Development


This workshop is target to backend and frontend web software engineers.

Goal is to be able to analyse an arbitrary website regarding its energy profile and learn current best practices in Green Web Development.


  • Understanding methodology of currently existing website carbon calculators (Network based / Client-Server measurement based)
  • Comparing different website carbon calculators regarding their results and trying to normalize them
  • Understanding where network based formulas originate from and selection of the formula that best fits the company requirements.
  • Getting to know current best practices in Green Software Engineering for the web from a backend perspective
  • Getting to know current best practices in Green Software Engineering for the web from a fronted perspective
  • Using Google Lighthouse in conjunction with best practices to avoid pitfalls of energy savings in caching scenarios
  • Measuring implemented carbon saving techniques with a Linux CLI approach
  • Measuring implemented carbon savings with a Firefox GUI based approach
  • Learning auxiliary tools for Green Web Design from the Green Web Foundation and the Green Software Foundation
Green Web

CI/CD Pipelines


This workshop is target to software engineers and DevOps engineers.

Goal is to setup an inline reporter of a CI Pipeline testing infrastructure that can measure the carbon cost of running the pipeline.

The workshop is target to on-premise pipelines with arbitrary tooling (e.g. Jenkins) or cloud solutions like Github Actions / Gitlab.


  • Understanding the capabilities and potential limitations of the CI Pipeline infrastructure used in the company
  • Creating of a prototype that uses a reporter from the Green Metrics Tool to collect inline metrics in the CI Pipeline
  • Connecting the reported metrics with CO2 values to generate a carbon cost profile.
  • Measuring different other repositories from open source project to quantify own cost of testing in comparison to landscape out there
  • Integrating Eco-CI tooling to get live energy cost
  • Using a custom Github runner on a bare metal machine to get more granular energy metrics for the CI Pipeline
  • Understanding and reporting monthly carbon emissions through CarbonDB
  • Identifiying optimization potentials and reductions for carbon in pipeline
  • Implement optimizations
CI / CD Carbon tooling

Custom Workshops

The cases above are just an examplary list of our field of workshops & trainings.

When you schedule a call with us we first want to understand what are your current needs for your team and for your business.

To tailor a workshop to your needs we want to understand if you just want to increase buy-in and engagement in your management or if you want to engage your dev team.

To give you the best results we also want to understand the tools and progamming languages you work with to make individual recommendations for best-practices and optimizations.

The goal of any workshop with us is to leave your team empowered and autonomous to start and continue the digital sustainability journey.


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