Green Metrics Tool v0.15 & Eco-CI Upgrade
- by Arne Tarara

The long awaited feature to make comparisons with the Green Metrics Tool is finally live 🔥

Our measurement workflow now includes phases (Baseline, Idle, Installation, Boot, Runtime, Remove) which makes our tool compatible with the requirements specified by the Blue Angel for Software.

Having these phases in the measurement workflow is an essential first step towards a more real-life quantification of an application, as most of the cost of an application can actually be occuring in the installation phase for the containers or just simply starting / stopping them.

Looking at this broader picture is our first step towards a tooling for Software Lifecycle Analysis.

See the comparison in action here, where we compare the influence of changing the database in a Nextcloud installation (swapping MariaDB for SQLite)

Comparison in terms of energy
Phases Overview in terms of energy

Also our Eco-CI Tooling has been greatly upgraded and allows now for drilldown towards different CPUs, Labels and timeframes. Check out our Eco-CI feature demo.

Eco-CI feature demo