Meetup 14.09.2022

Sustainable Software - KDE Eco [x] Green Coding Solutions

This time we have teamed with The KDE Eco Team to co-host host another Meetup for the Green Software Community in Berlin.

Part #1

In this talk Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss will present the KDE Eco initiative.

He will provide an overview of the Free and Open Source (FOSS) energy measurement lab at KDAB Berlin as well as the 3 steps to Blauer Engel eco-certification. Joseph will additionally discuss how the FOSS values of user autonomy and transparency enable users to directly influence the factors determining software sustainability.

Part #2

In the second part of the Meetup we as Green Coding Solutions will be presenting some insights on how to identify energy saving potentials in Software and how either architecture or code level optimizations can help you achieve them.

Casual Pizzas & Community

Afterwards, as usual, we will hang out and chat. There is also time and space to present you Green Software project in a casual round afterwards.

So join us and let’s grow the Green Software community in Berlin!

Location: The Meetup is inside Betahaus on the first floor. We will keep the door open, so just go up one flight.

Contact: If you want to shoot us some questions or infos beforehand or anything just write an email to [email protected]

Important: There will be free beer and pizzas :)