Meetup 16.11.2022

Cloud energy consumption - PyData Berlin [x] Green Coding Solutions

This time we have teamed with PyData Berlin folks and will be speaking at their monthly Meetup.

Please double register, on our Meetup page, but also on the PyData Meetup page, so we have a better overview who from our community is interested in the topic and the PyData people know how many people are coming in total.

This gives us the info if we shall give more talks about cloud energy estimation for you :)

Our talk

Energy measurement and estimation of Cloud Infrastructure and Workloads Energy cost estimation for cloud workloads is an emerging topic that surfaces especially in the advent of the current energy crisis. We will present techniques to estimate the energy cost that have been developed so far and an open source approach using the SPECPower dataset. Also, we will be discussing measurement techniques if available with open source tools like CodeCarbon for ML Models and Intel RAPL for CPU-bound workloads.

Location: Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park - Lohmühlenstraße 65 · Berlin, BE - The meetup is located at the CODE Event Space on the 5th floor

Contact: If you want to shoot us some questions or infos beforehand or anything just write an email to [email protected]

Slide-Deck PDF

Here are the slides to our talk, where we present the works on and performance of the model at the PyData Nov'22 Meetup in Berlin.

Download Slides