Talks & Events
Cloud energy consumption - PyData Berlin [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 16.11.2022 at 19:00

This time we have teamed with PyData Berlin folks and will be speaking at their monthly Meetup. Please double register, on our Meetup page, but also on the PyData Meetup page, so we have a better overview who from our community is interested in the topic and the PyData people know how many people are coming in total. [...]

Bits & Bäume @ 01.10.2022 | Green
Event Date: 1.10.2022 at 13:00

We have been invited to speak at the Bits & Bäume conference about our Green Metrics Tool and our plan to create a destination for users and developers to get answers about the energy consumption of software. [...]

SDIA Berlin Community Event @ 23.09.2022 | Green
Event Date: 23.9.2022 at 13:00

We have been invited to speak and give a workshop on the topic of measuring and quantifying the energy use of software! Please have a look at the official event page in the link at the bottom and RSVP. [...]

Sustainable Software - KDE Eco [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 14.9.2022 at 18:30

This time we have teamed with The KDE Eco Team to co-host host another Meetup for the Green Software Community in Berlin. Part #1 In this talk Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss will present the KDE Eco initiative. [...]

Greening Digital - The Green Web Foundation [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 3.8.2022 at 18:30

We have teamed with Chris Adams from The Green Web Foundation to co-host host another Meetup for the Green Software Community in Berlin. Part#1 The Green Web Foundation Talk Chris will give a share what you need to know about how digital infrastructure is powered, and how to make the greenest choices for powering your services. [...]

Green Coding Basics
Event Date: 19.5.2022 at 19:00

We are proud to announce our first in-person Meetup where you can meet like minded green software engineers and our team. In this session we will focus more on some concrete techniques that you can directly apply either as a user, or as a web developer and also talk hard numbers on these techniques in terms of carbon savings. [...]

Green Coding Meetup: What is green coding?
Event Date: 14.4.2022 at 19:00

We got a lot of wishes to host an introductory talk on green coding. So here it is! We will present to you the basic philosophies behind green software development. How it differes from classical performance / feature oriented software development and where the similarities are. [...]

Green Coding Meetup: The GreenOps Approach of Google Cloud
Event Date: 10.2.2022 at 19:00

In this meetup Michael will introduce us to GreenOps, a hands-on approach to improve the carbon footprint of all kind of applications running in the Cloud. GreenOps has the goal to support companies accelerating their sustainability strategy and transform towards a carbon-aware engineering culture. [...]

Green Projects: Cosmos & Sustain.All Meetup 13.01.2022 | Green
Event Date: 13.1.2022 at 19:00

Our first GreenProjects meeting will host two awesome projects “Cosmos” and “Sustain.ALL”. These projects have set their missions to tackle specific problems to fight global warming and climate change. They will present their approach and mission to heal the world. [...]

Meetup #1 Mein Fair Mögen
Event Date: 25.11.2021 at 19:00

Money makes the world go round: Financial markets still finance an economy that is on average not fit to mitigate or even adapt to climate change. Who wants to invest for a decent pension faces difficulties to find out where the money goes in the end. [...]