Meetup 19.05.2022

Green Coding Basics - carbon savings and rebound effects for users and web devs

We are proud to announce our first in-person Meetup where you can meet like minded green software engineers and our team.

In this session we will focus more on some concrete techniques that you can directly apply either as a user, or as a web developer and also talk hard numbers on these techniques in terms of carbon savings.

In the user part we will go over some no brainer techniques like reducing bitrate when streaming and give some hard numbers how much that actually saves you. Also some background info on DNS-blocking with Raspberry PI, why downloading “music” with web-downloads from youtube may not actually save you any bandwith and some more stuff :)

In the developer part we will highlight some techniques like

  • br-compression
  • static sites on cloudflare pages
  • Image compression with AVIF / webP
  • Green Hosting
  • etc.

What we believe here is the unique and new view on all of these topics is that we present hard numbers regarding CO2 / Energy use of all of these techniques and also where the (potential) backlashes / rebound-effects are.

For instance:

When getting a Raspberry PI for DNS blocking, can I really save carbon in the end, cause I have to factor in the embodied carbon on producing the Rasbperry PI in the first place? Does compression really help, cause the CPU has to do extra work to uncompress the compressed file? Is it worth from a carbon perspective? Does image compression not lead to older devices not being supported anymore and thus lead to more carbon impact in the end? How much does green hosting really save in terms of carbon? Is a switch worth it? We will give answers and strategies for you as a user and as a developer with hard numbers.


[7:00 pm - 7:10 pm] Arrival and short Intro

[7:10 pm - 7:45 pm] Talk

[7:45 pm - 8:30 pm] Q&A and Networking

So we hope to see you on the 19th of May in Betahaus.

There will be Food & Drinks :)