Meetup 13.01.2022

Green Projects: Cosmos & Sustain.All

Our first GreenProjects meeting will host two awesome projects “Cosmos” and “Sustain.ALL”. These projects have set their missions to tackle specific problems to fight global warming and climate change. They will present their approach and mission to heal the world.

Both startups/projects will have 15 minutes for their pitch to answere following questions:

  • Which problem did they identify?
  • How big is the impact on the environment of the identified problem?
  • What is the projects answer / solution to the problem?
  • Which stage of the product/services development process have they reached?
  • Who is in their team?
  • Which help does they need from the GreenCoding Community?

Afterwards we will have time to discuss the problem further and to brainstorm solutions.

Cosmos community

Cosmos is a community for sharing things with all the people you trust - friends, friends of friends, neighbours, groups and everyone else.


Sustain.ALL is an open source exchange learning/collaborative platform for building bridges between projects and actuators. Students, researchers, educators and investors can exchange knowledge or collaborate among themselves transforming their skill into actions. Users can freely build and share their own ideas related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and seek for investments. Participants have also the opportunity to join listed projects as collaborators.