Talks & Events
HotCarbon Conference - 2024
Event Date: 9.7.2024 at 12:00

HotCarbon aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in computer and networked systems to engage in a lively discussion around sustainability throughout the entire computing lifecycle, focusing on both the operational and embodied impact of computer systems. [...]

Measurement Workshop - HTW Berlin (May 2024)
Event Date: 7.5.2024 at 11:30

Prof. Dr. Verena Majuntke has invited us to a measurement Workshop at the HTW Berlin. We are extremely delighted to having had the opportunity to present the concept of understanding and measuring software carbon emissions to some young and information hungry students. [...]

EcoCompute Conference
Event Date: 25.4.2024 at 09:00

EcoCompute aims to address the current issue of energy and resource consumption of digital infrastructures with a new approach: We want to bring together hardware designers, software developers, data center operators and also IT project planners to understand intersectional barriers and implementation hurdles. [...]

Green IT -
Event Date: 4.4.2024 at 18:00

Vortrag: Green Software Engineering - Nachhaltige Software-Entwicklung mit Arne Tarara Unter Green Software Engineering, oder nachhaltiger Software-Entwicklung, versteht man die Entwicklung von Software mit dem Ziel, so wenig Umwelt-Emissionen wie möglich zu verursachen. [...]

Beyond Buzzwords: Making Digital Sustainability a Reality
Event Date: 22.2.2024 at 15:00

Many teams within our community understand the necessity of integrating their digital products into their sustainability strategies. However, in a series of recent interviews with product teams, we revealed a disconnect between awareness and action. [...]

CNCF TAG ENV Meeting - Green Metrics Tool
Event Date: 31.1.2024 at 16:00

We had the opportunity to present at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation - TAG Environmental Sustainability about energy and carbon measurement of open source software. In the presentation we go over all the feature that the Green Metrics Tool provides including: [...]

Green Software Development Frankfurt - Sustainable Software - 18.01.2024
Event Date: 18.1.2024 at 18:15

We are invited to be speaker at the Green Software Development Meetup Frankfurt this time hosted by Accso. German description: Mit Software Gutes tun ist unser Ansatz bei Accso. Deshalb treiben wir auch das Thema nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung voran. [...]

Mannheim Business School - Green Coding Guest Lecture IIML
Event Date: 17.1.2024 at 15:30

We are invited to give a guest lecture at the Mannheim Business School about Green Coding. The Indian Institute of Management is visiting Mannheim Business School in January for a study trip to hear some lectures about sustainability and sustainabile management. [...]

ECO:DIGIT & Green Software Foundation SCI - adesso [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 6.12.2023 at 18:30

This time we have invited Yelle Lieder from adesso to speak about their ECO:DIGIT project. In his talk, Yelle Lieder (adesso) will introduce the ECO:DIGIT research project. ECO:DIGIT started in summer 23 and over the course of three years has the goal of coming closer to a holistic and scientifically based life cycle assessment of digital systems. [...]

SDIA Green Coding Summit 2023
Event Date: 24.11.2023 at 09:00

Our first hands-on workshop for our community! We are joining as a workshop organizer for the Green Coding Summit by the SDIA this year and will bring you a 5 hour workshop where we introduce many tools around green software development and techniques to measure and greenify your projects. [...]