Talks & Events
EcoCompute Conference
Event Date: 25.4.2024 at 09:00

EcoCompute aims to address the current issue of energy and resource consumption of digital infrastructures with a new approach: We want to bring together hardware designers, software developers, data center operators and also IT project planners to understand intersectional barriers and implementation hurdles. [...]

Green Software Development Frankfurt - Sustainable Software - 18.01.2023
Event Date: 18.1.2024 at 18:15

We are invited to be speaker at the Green Software Development Meetup Frankfurt this time hosted by Accso. German description: Mit Software Gutes tun ist unser Ansatz bei Accso. Deshalb treiben wir auch das Thema nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung voran. [...]

Mannheim Business School - Green Coding Guest Lecture IIML
Event Date: 17.1.2024 at 15:30

We are invited to give a guest lecture at the Mannheim Business School about Green Coding. The Indian Institute of Management is visiting Mannheim Business School in January for a study trip to hear some lectures about sustainability and sustainabile management. [...]

ECO:DIGIT & Green Software Foundation SCI - adesso [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 6.12.2023 at 18:30

This time we have invited Yelle Lieder from adesso to speak about their ECO:DIGIT project. In his talk, Yelle Lieder (adesso) will introduce the ECO:DIGIT research project. ECO:DIGIT started in summer 23 and over the course of three years has the goal of coming closer to a holistic and scientifically based life cycle assessment of digital systems. [...]

SDIA Green Coding Summit 2023
Event Date: 24.11.2023 at 09:00

Our first hands-on workshop for our community! We are joining as a workshop organizer for the Green Coding Summit by the SDIA this year and will bring you a 5 hour workshop where we introduce many tools around green software development and techniques to measure and greenify your projects. [...]

Kickoff Green Software Development Stuttgart [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 5.10.2023 at 18:00

We are invited to speak at the Kickoff Green Software Development Stuttgart. (Talk will be in German) Topic: “Sustainable Software - Measure and quantify the green-ness of code”. We will be presenting our new approach around the Energy-Timeline project how to introduce quantification of sustainability in a code base through continious measurements … stay tuned! [...]

Enviroinfo 2023 - Software Life Cycle Assessment in the wild
Event Date: 5.10.2023 at 18:00

We are speaking at the Enviroinfo conference in Garching (near Munich) this year. (Talk will be in German) Topic: Software Life Cycle Assessment in the wild* Abstract: Software Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) is gaining attention for its environmental impacts in production, deployment, usage, and disposal. [...]

Green Infrastructure Meetup GfK [x] Green Coding Solutions
Event Date: 31.5.2023 at 18:30

Hey Green Coders! We are partnering this month with GfK for our Meetup. We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Green Coding and Infrastructure meet-up, which will take place on May 31st at the brand-new GfK Berlin Office. [...]

Green Software Development Community (Apr. 2023)
Event Date: 25.4.2023 at 18:30

We are invited to talk at the Meetup of the Green Software Development group! Details from their Meetup page 📣 2nd meetup in 2023: We are very happy to announce the next meeting of the Green Software Development Community. [...]

Clean IT Gruppe Potsdam (Apr. 2023)
Event Date: 24.4.2023 at 18:00

We are invited to speak at the openXchange events from the HPI Clean IT team. Details We present our open-source projects Eco CI to make energy consumption in CI/CD pipelines visible and the Green Metrics Tool which helps developers compare arbitrary software regarding its energy cost. [...]