Version 0.1-beta released
- by Arne Tarara

Today we have have released the 0.1-beta version of our Green Metrics Tool

Green Metrics Dashboard Green Metrics Dashboard

Version 0.1-beta is considered a non-production version.

We are currently working on the falsification of our energy measurements with public energy measurement databases.

Also we will add functionality to compare measurements directly in the frontend as well as a better install script to quickstart the tool.

The biggest part of work currently for us is the documentation which we are working on.

This release contains following Measurement Providers:

  • Intel RAPL (CPU Package) to measure energy of processor
  • CPU of Container
  • Memory of container


If you want to query the Open Data of our tool go to the self-documenting API

Measurements of the tool

On our Metrics Dashboard you can find already some measurements we did on a copy of the The Green Web Foundation website.

Here we compare the energy consumption of a Wordpress version against a static version.

An example on how to recreate these dashboards and also dive into the raw data to answer more detailed questions we provide Example Jupyter Notebooks

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