Eco CI Energy Estimation Action
- by Dan Mateas

You do not know about our Eco-CI project yet? Than read up here about it: Eco-CI project As we mentioned in a previous blog article, we’ve been thinking of ways to make CI pipelines more energy efficient. [...]

Containers on macOS for the Green Metrics Tool
- by Didi Hoffmann

Many of our developers work on macOS exclusively. In order to create a nicer development experience, we are currently undergoing some work to port our Green Metrics Tool to macOS. [...]

Eco CI project - Github Action for Greener CI pipelines
- by Dan Mateas

You do not know about our Eco-CI project yet? Than read up here about it: Eco-CI project One question we’ve been tinkering around with here at Green Coding Solutions is how can we make CI pipelines around the world a little bit greener. [...]

TDP and ACP for energy estimation in processors
- by Arne Tarara

In the green software community we see very often that people use the TDP of the processor as a metric to estimate how much energy the CPU will consume for a specific workload. [...]

SPECPower model with XGBoost open sourced
- by Arne Tarara

A detailed blog article is yet to come, but for everyone who follows our blog only and not our repositories we wanted to highlight that we open sourced the new XGBoost variant of the SPECPower estimation model for cloud workloads on github. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

We recently had a team of aspiring UX researches at Green Coding Solutions that made a research project on how the Green Metrics Tool can be used. This is a guest article with their results [...]

Power measurement on macOS
- by Arne Tarara

Last week we have been on the SDIA event for sustainble software and held a workshop on measuring the energy digital products. We presented approchaes where you measure the energy either with tool like Scaphandre or the Green Metrics Tool as well as approaches for restricted environments like the cloud. [...]

Estimating Cloud Energy Consumption with a Linear Model - Part 1
- by Dan Mateas

This arcticle is part of a multi-part series. Be sure to check out / stay tuned for the other parts! A big goal for us here is at how to measure the energy/carbon use of cloud services. [...]

Reproducing the Blauer Engel für Software measurements for Okular
- by Arne Tarara

In the past we have joined the Workshop around the Blauer Engel (with the Öko Institut e.V. as the host this year) and also some of the regular meetings from the KDE Eco Team. [...]

Trying out Firefox 104 energy measurements
- by Arne Tarara

In an earlier version of the article the calculation statement contained a message about us being confused why the conversion factor is 277000000. Thanks to Silas Duddeck from the Goethe University in Frankfurt who pointed out that the factor should be 1J = 2,777778⋅10-7kWh = (1/3600000)kWh => 277777777 Mozilla released a new version 104 this week which sports a power measurement feature. [...]