Links and resources now on Github for Green Software Development
- by Arne Tarara

Now just after announcing our public repo on with our website as HUGO source in it , we are now also publishing our resources repo.

When we started to get an overview in the field of Green Coding and Green Software Engineering we found a landscape of many solo coders / bloggers.

The resources are quite plenty, although very scattered and very different in their quality.

In our repo we tried to condense this down to only the most valueable ressources.

The repo contains an introductory and from there on sub-folders with categorised content.

The most helpful at this point are probably:

The most promising link in there is probably the Green Software Foundation and their planned Green Software Projects

We are also working on this topic and planning to be part of the Green Software Foundation either as a Group / NGO or as contributors. As soon as we have some updates on this topic we will announce it in the blog.

For any feedback regarding our resources repo or if you want to supply some interesting links we missed please hit us up at [email protected]

As a final note I want to point out, that similar lists exist already. And although we believe that our list is a valuable addition and contains the most relevant resources, a shout out to the Green Software Foundation on their list: Awesome Green Software