Progress on energy measurements
- by Arne Tarara

Today we have pushed the first beta of our metrics providers for full OS Intel RAPL readings.

Metrics Tool RAPL Reading

You can see the full details of our demo runs with the static version of the Green Website Foundation Page in our Green Metrics Tool Measurements Overview

All metrics providers are made in a UNIX-style philosphy, which means they provide very conscise and scoped functionality, but can be chained through redirecting their output.

For the moment we are working on the documentation. If you want to have an early look be sure to check out the development branch

Also we have made progress on getting the prototype for the DC Measurements working and are now coding the Linux metrics providers to read directly from the NI DAQ USB-6009 capture card.

DC Power readings prototype workplace

This post is just a small update and we will provide details and documentation soon.