Getting high grade cpu utilization values on MacOS
- by Didi Hoffmann

CPU utilization is an interesting value to use if you ware interested in either energy usage or optimizing your code. We have written a long case study on if it is useful in the first place. [...]

PNG. A message from the past and how to kill it
- by Didi Hoffmann

While reading this great article about the smallest png image possible I started thinking about how old the png standard is and how many more newer formats are out there. [...]

Benchmarking code optimisation
- by Didi Hoffmann

Standard benchmarks play a pivotal role in the field of software engineering, serving as a foundational element for ensuring quality and efficiency. The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) benchmarks, in particular, have established a high standard across the database sector. [...]

Carbon Aware Development - (SCLA part 2)
- by Didi Hoffmann

While writing the “Software Life Cycle Assessment done in the wild” article I needed to develop a little server that could do three simple tasks. Because the article became too long I decided to separate the methodology how to develop with environmental impact in mind into a dedicated part. [...]

Software Life Cycle Assessment done in the wild - (SLCA part 1)
- by Didi Hoffmann

In this article I want to propose a simple way to do a Software Life Cycle Assessment for a piece of code. While explaining important concepts and tradeoffs that seem sensible for a little project. [...]

Energy and power usage data in the cloud
- by Arne Tarara

Getting power usage data in cloud is a tough topic and one of the reasons projects such as Cloud Carbon Footprint exist. Typically cloud vendors, especially hyperscalers, do neither supply energy consumption data of the whole machine from PDUs or similar, nor do they provide access to CPU internal energy data like for instance RAPL. [...]

Eco-CI: Now with Gitlab pipelines support
- by Dan Mateas

We are happy to announce a major update to our Eco-CI tool, a plugin designed to estimate and reduce the energy consumption of continuous integration pipelines. Previously available exclusively for GitHub Actions, we are excited to announce the integration of Eco-CI with GitLab pipelines. [...]

NOP Linux
- by Didi Hoffmann

At Green Coding Solutions (GCS), one goal is to enable reproducible runs on our cluster. An important step towards accurate measurements was the creation of NOP Linux, our custom Linux distro that disables as many background processes as possible to avoid interruptions during measurements. [...]

Green Metrics Tool v0.15 & Eco-CI Upgrade
- by Arne Tarara

The long awaited feature to make comparisons with the Green Metrics Tool is finally live 🔥 Our measurement workflow now includes phases (Baseline, Idle, Installation, Boot, Runtime, Remove) which makes our tool compatible with the requirements specified by the Blue Angel for Software. [...]

Green Coding on Mac
- by Didi Hoffmann

Green Coding on Mac When we started with the Green Metrics Tool (GMT) we set out to develop tooling to enable developers, decision makers and the wider public to measure and see the impact software is having on the environment. [...]